For the summer season, we picked some hot items from LA and Japan that we want to share with you. Whatユs so special about them? JPy and Tsuiran editorial staffs present them in a ranking format.


  • JPy delivers real information from LA on site!
  • At JPy, we deliver the latest trends and places as JPy ranking. In this issue, the readers will present the hottest topics that everyone is talking about for the summer.
  • LAの生の情報をJPyが現地から紹介!
  • JPy編集部が今LAで流行っている商品、スポット等をJPyランキングとしてお届けします。今回は「夏」へ向けて、読者の女の子が気になる情報を幅広く紹介していきます!
  • Kana Miyamoto
  • Editor-in-Chief at JPy
  • JPy代表
Kana Miyamoto
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COACHELLA & LIB (Summer Festival)
コーチェラ&LIB (夏フェス)
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Summer Festivals held in Palm Springs every year with music and art as their themes. Just watching the fashion of the attendees of Coachella will let you know the hot summer styles for this year. Once Coachella is over, next is Lightning in a Bottle, a festival featuring music, art, and yoga. Both are the summer events LA girls can’t miss!
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Bottle with Squeezer
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Perfect for the summer, you can make your own infused water easily with this bottle. With a fruit squeezer incorporated in the bottle you can make your original drinks. These cute and colorful bottles will be the next big thing in Japan this summer!
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Chalk Art Event
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Event where artists use the roads as their canvas using chalk to create their chalk art. These events are held throughout the year in sunny California. JPy cover model Moe is LA’s top artist! Her high quality art is a must-see.