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  • Maki Miura
  • Anchorwoman, Writer, CEO for PR company MAKILA INC.
  • PR会社(株)MAKILA代表
Maki Miura
  • Hadabisei All One Mask
  • 肌美精オールインワンマスク
  • This sheet mask has the 4 effects of lotion + emulsion + serum + sheet mask in one. Skin-care routine will be complete with just this mask! With moisture-rich ingredients hydrate your skin to become beautiful.
  • 詳細はこちら
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Chichibu Mitsuminejinja
秩父 三峯神社
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With elevation of 1100m, Mitsumine jinja is a shrine located in Chichibu-city, Saitama prefecture. Many visitors line up at 5am to purchase the white good luck charm (2000 yen) that is sold on the 1st of every month. Often visited by celebrities, this is the biggest power spot in the Kanto region of Japan.
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Star glass plate S (blue)
スターガラス プレート S ブルー
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A plate inspired by the bright stars of summer nights. It’s perfect for macarons and other small sweets, or serving guests at parties.
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MOLIPS Hyper Volume up Pump
モリップス ハイパーボリュームアップ
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Easy to use suction will make your lips plump and sexy. Repeated use will make your lips fuller with the volume you need.