With our slogan “Happiness is infectious” in mind, JPy has continued it’s course for the past 10 years. To mark our anniversary, JPy will be reborn to aim at “Circulation of happiness.” With many people on our side and many involved, we will fulfill our roles in LA and Tokyo! We hope to deliver much happiness from LA to the rest of the world.


LA is a city where you can have a healthy lifestyle.
Whatユs so amazing about LA is the weather and the friendly people. But the best part is that you can enjoy both nature and city lifestyle. From Yoga, surfing, art, music and fashion, you never get bored of living in LA.
気候も最高!人もとってもフレンドリー。でもLAの一番の魅力はやっぱり自然も街も楽しめるそのライフスタイル。ヨガやサーフィンといったヘルシーなものからアートやミュージック、ファッションはもちろん毎日の生活にたいくつすることがありません。この季節はファションフォワードでおしゃれなフェスなどイベントもたくさん!Los Angelesならではの夏を楽しもう!
You can find many different scenes in LA from surfing to art, and some can only be discovered by the locals.

With many thanks to our clients, readers, models, vendors, and members, JPy will mark its 10th year anniversary in September. To celebrate our anniversary, we will be launching exciting new projects! Let’s spread the happiness to the world.
With the hectic launch that took place almost 10 years ago, those days seem like yesterday when scouting for models at Japanese markets made us look very suspicious. (laughter) It’s fun to look back at our past sometimes, but looking at the future is even better! This year, JPy will start new projects. I would like many people to know more about LA, my favorite place, and Tokyo, where I was brought up. Also, we are collaborating with Tsuiran (Twitter ranking) by KADOKAWA group to deliver hot new trends straight from Japan to readers in LA. I’m so excited to restart as a “NEW” JPy with everyone!
ドタバタ劇を繰り広げたJPyの誕生から早くも年が経とうとしています。アジア系スーパーマーケットの入口でモデルさんたちに声をかけ続けた(笑)怪しい日日が懐かしく思い出されます。昔を振り返ることもたまには楽しいですが、先を見るのはもっとずっと楽しい!JPyはアニバーサリーイヤーとなる2016年、未来に向けて新しい試みを開始します。大好きなロサンゼルスのことをもっと多くの人に広めたい、そして私を育ててくれた日本にもLAからのハッピーパワーを伝えたい。さらにKADOKAWAグループのついラン(Twitterランキング)とコラボすることにより、LAの皆様に日本のトレンド情報をお届けします。ワクワクだらけで再始動する”NEW” JPyを皆様と一緒に盛り上げることができたら最高です!